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MBT Women’s Sapatu Clog

The MBT Women’s Sapatu Clog is manufactured by Swiss Masai. with is custom design sole the manufacturer states that you will have less stress on your feet and knees. As the design was to correct posture the clog is said to be good to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Its thereby also helps to reduce cellulite and varicose veins which you might otherwise get from standing for long periods. If you are working in a store on on your feet the whole day then this clog will be good for you. The price is on the top end when it comes to clogs and retails for about USD200 a pair. Users have rated the clogs feel on their feet as follows with regards to the fit and also the feel of the width of the clog when you where it. These tests are subjective but give you a good idea as to what to expect.

Feels full size too small   2%
Feels half size too big   4%
Feels half size too small   18%
Feels true to size   76%


Feels too wide   2%
Feels true to width   98%


The MBT clog is said to allow you to stand perfectly upright all the time and lessen the pressure on your spine while walking. The sole is mainly responsible for this as it is a multilayer sole which acts as a shock absorber while you walk. Its not very stylish like the Crocs Clogs but very comfortable, comes with arch support and above all its lightweight and with excellent cushioning. The manufacture claims that it strengthens & tones muscles in the feet, legs and while increasing muscle activity & circulation which may help reduce cellulite and varicose veins. These clogs are very difficult to find even on Amazon. They last 4-5 years easily and are very high end. They are a very good long term investment.

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