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Dansko Stapled Clogs

The Dansko Stapled Clogs is a range of clogs manufactured by Dansko. It is a wide range of products under the name of Dansko Stapled Clogs and is well known globally. These range of clogs come with the following options oiled leather, box leather, tooled leather, croc print leather and photo real leather.

As stated the leather options with this clog is very wide and you have many choices in the Dansko range of stapled clogs. All the clogs in the stapled range of clogs from Dansko comes with full arch Dansko Stapled Clogssupport and it keeps the foot secure and in place in the clog. The soles of the clogs make use of a good shock absorbing material which keeps you going during the day as it lower fatigue while you walk and it has been seen as being as good as a sports shoe. The insides of the clog being the leather clogs in the range comes with a anti-microbial lining. There is also the option of synthetic microfiber for those who are vegan. See other clogs on this website for more options outside of the Dansko range of clogs. To sum up the range we would add it as follows:

  • Fabric as well as Leather uppers;
  • The instep collar is padded so it avoids blisters;
  • The toe box is reinforced with lots of room for our toes;
  • The rocker bottom and PU sole makes walking easy as it provides shock absorption;
  • The heel strike is wide to the clogs are very stable;
  • There is leather internally for long-wearing walking comfort;
  • The inner frame is made of PU to increase walking stability;
  • Heel height 2″
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