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Crocs Freesail Fuzz Clog Reviews

The Crocs Freesail Fuzz Lined Clog is a new clog in the range and comes well recommended by users. These clogs do not come in half sizes and much like the Crocs Cobbler Buckle you have to take a good guess at your size based on feel. This is a bit difficult on the internet. This clogs was however designed specifically for women with a slimmer and sleeker profile.

Crocs Freesail Fuzz Clog ReviewsThe Crocs Freesail Fuzz Clog is unique as it comes with a very soft and warm liner in the clog. Like much of the newer clogs which has been released this one also comes with a Croslite™ foam for very easy all day cushion and comfort when you are on your feet all day. The clog has no rear strap and is more of a slip-on clog and the clog is also very light.

The Crocs Freesail Fuzz Clog are more streamlined than the original crocs which you would expect. You can also wear this outdoors and the clogs are excellent during winter as well. There are many advantages to this range of crocs. Firstly they are light but also washable and very soft. With the addition of the warm liner normally those who wear a 6 1/2 shoe and wear a size 7 croc as it always makes up for narrowness in the clog. They are also very affordable at about $39 a pair and well worth the money spent on them.


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