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Crocs Cobbler Buckle Clog Review

The Crocs Cobbler Buckle Clog for women scores very high with those who have bought the clogs. Most feel that the clogs feels a bit wide or to large so you know when you buy the clogs what to consider. They have also been rated very comfortable as well as very durable. 

Crocs Cobbler Buckle Clog ReviewThe clogs are very fashionable and comes with arch support. They comes in black and brown. Many people prefer to have the black so that they do not need to clean the clogs of scratch marks too often as it does not show up in black as well. The foot base is nice and wide and best of all it comes with a large buckle. This makes adjusting the clogs very easy. Most buyers tend to buy two pairs in different colours.

These clogs also walk well as they come with a Croslite™ Comfort Foam footbed as well as a rubber outsole for good traction. The clogs look good and has genuine leather uppers. The clogs comes in sizes 4-10 for women and many buy the clogs for a comfortable walk so they tend to order a bit bigger.

The only complaint about these clogs has been that guessing the size can be difficult as many order a size a bit bigger and then prefer having a small clog later. There was also only one report of the rubber bottom peeling loose. Overall however the Crocs Cobbler Buckle Clog is rated very well. Note that Crocs always runs specials where you buy 1 pair and get another at 50% the price. Its a good offer!

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Crocs Cobbler Buckle Clog Review


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