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Cleaning Clogs

Two brands of clogs come to mind when it comes to ease of cleaning clogs. These two would be the Sanita and also the Dansko clogs range. Nubuck protector and Suede protector should be put onto the clogs even before you decide to wear them. These protectors will make the clogs last much longer. It a simply spray and if it is children’s clogs then even better when it comes to making your clogs last. Think of the protector spray as being a type of Scotch Guard for protecting clogs.
If you are new to clogs then the first time might be a bit painful when the clogs are new. Many people tend to use Beeswax to soften the clogs. The Beeswax conditioner also protects the clogs as it makes it waterproof on the inside. Sanita makes medical clogs and also kitchen clogs and adding Beeswax to the clogs makes it very easy to clean in these environments. Sansko has the same line of clogs and again an excellent investment in making it last.
Clogs that are made of box leather don’t have these issues as they can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Once cleaned you can simply wipe away the residue when done. At times your clogs will get scuff marks and this is mainly from the children’s clogs. These normally need shoe polish to take the scuff marks away. Oiled leather clogs are much better and being kept clean. These can simply be rubbed by hand and the residue and dirt will be removed. This is what makes these clogs more pricey as they keep much longer and their looks last longer. If you are looking at buying clogs that keeps it looks then try finding oiled leather clogs. Much nicer and real value for money when it comes to clogs!
Everyone knows that leather shoes are more durable and are better for our feet. They also are usually more expensive, so in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and make them last longer.

Leather Shoe Care Tip #1 If you wore leather shoes on a rainy day, make sure that they are completely dry before wearing them again. Wet leather shoes will stretch and fall apart very quickly. To remove excess water from your shoe, stuff newspaper inside the shoe. It will soak up the water and help the shoe to remain its shape.

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Leather Shoe Care Tip #2 If your leather shoes smell bad, sprinkle baking soda inside. It will remove the smell without damaging your shoes.

Leather Shoe Care Tip #3 Store your leather shoes (or any shoes for that matter) properly. Don’t put them in plastic bags and don’t keep them in your car. Your shoes need to “breathe”, so put them in a cool dry place. Untie your shoes every time you take them off. This will help to maintain its shape.

Leather Shoe Care Tip #4 Polish your leather shoes regularly. If you wear them on a regular basis, you should polish them every month.

You can polish your shoes at home by using a mixture of one part of lemon juice and 2 parts of olive oil. Rub the mixture into shoes with a clean cloth and allow it to soak for a couple of minutes before buffing off. Nubuk, suede and patent leather should not be shined!

Leather Shoe Care Tip #5 Always keep your leather shoes clean. Remove the dirt as soon as you can. Salt stains can be removed with a mixture of 1 cup of hot water with a teaspoon of white vinegar. Glue can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

You can also remove dirt room leather shoes with shoe brushes.


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