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Sanita Nurse Clogs

The Sanita Nurse Clogs is used in many kitchen globally as well as by nursing staff. The line of clogs were developed to meet the safety requirements required for specialized industries and to provide long lasting support and durability. Today’s hardworking service industry individuals, who are on their feet all day, benefit from these features and this superior comfort footwear. …

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Birkenstock Alpro Clog

The Birkenstock Alpro Clog is a clog used mainly by nursing staff and cleaning. The clog has a flat sole with recessed treads on the sole makes for a very safe clog when walking as it it resistant to slipping. The sole and the entire clog is very flexible and light.

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Clogs to Clogs

If you have ever heard the expression clogs to clogs then you will know that it is an old proverb which originated in Lancashire. The same expression as saying shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations. It means that what ever you do once you rise up within three  generations the family would have lost it all again.

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