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Birkenstock Milano Sandals

The Birkenstock Milano Sandals made by Birkenstock in Germany is one of the most popular sandals in Europe as back-strap sandals are making a comeback in the fashion world. This sandal has 3 adjustable straps. There is a back-strap to keep you foot inside the sandal and the other 2 straps are there to keep the foot down in the …

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Birkenstock Ramses Sandals

The Birkenstock Ramses Sandals is in the same line as sandals made by Berkemann which has been listed on this website. This sandal made by Birkenstock is a typical traditional thong sandal with Birko Flor uppers and a cork and latex covered footbed. It has a single strap over the top which makes the sandal very adjustable and allows the …

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Berkemann NAP Berkilette

The Berkemann NAP Berkilette is an upgraded version of the Berkemann Berkilette which is made with the same designs other than that the NAP version of the wooden sandal has a rubber covering over the top so your feet are pampered while still having the looks and feel of wood underneath your feet.

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Berkemann Berkilette

The Berkemann Berkilette Sandal is made in Germany by Berkemann in Hamburg. This sandal is one of their entry level sandals as it is very basic yet very appealing to the average consumer. The sandal is made of wood and comes in 5 different colours all with the same basic style.

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Berkemann Original Sandal

Berkemann is a brand name for one of the best brands of clogs on the market. Berkemann a German company, makes very basic sandals which have been around for a long time. These are of very high quality and is not a clog by definition. This being mainly their starter range and basic in design is very comfortable as the …

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Clogs to Clogs

If you have ever heard the expression clogs to clogs then you will know that it is an old proverb which originated in Lancashire. The same expression as saying shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations. It means that what ever you do once you rise up within three  generations the family would have lost it all again.

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