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Sanita Child Clog

The range of clogs made for children by Sanita is very limited. The Sanita children’s clog is closed back like many of the clogs for kids, however it comes with a protective heel cap. The soles on this clog is a very flexible PU sole and the inner sole is super absorbent.  The footbed of the clog is designed for …

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Calou Selma Clogs

The Calou Selma Clogs is made for children and made by Calou in Sweden. With a 4.5 cm heel the clog is high enough to ensure that the posture of the child does not change. The wooden clog is also made from natural wood and is a well known brand name clog in Sweden.

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Berkemann Kids Clogs

The Berkemann Kids Clogs are made from polished poplar wood. The children’s clogs much like the other clogs for adults are made to anatomically correct to ensure comfort to the user. Clogs have been shown to be good for the feet of both children and adults as it reforms the feet correctly by rebuilding the muscles in the feet. Incoming …

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