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Dansko Box Leather Clog

The  Dansko Professional Box Leather Clog is a very popular clog made by Dansko which is in the range of US$120 a pair. Most of the reviews on Amazon is very good in reference to the clogs. Some have stated that their back spams have gone and that they are very comfortable. The Dansko Women’s Professional Box leather clog looks ... Read More »

Are Sanita clogs as heavy as Dansko

I note that this question was listed and I never thought of going down this road as to the weight of clogs in general. I have taken a look at Amazon for the shipping weight of the clogs and this is what I have noticed about the weight of the different makes of clogs. This is not very accurate as ... Read More »

Fashion Clogs

In the 1970s and 1980s, Swedish clogs became popular fashion accessories for both sexes. They were usually worn without socks and were considered suitable attire for the avant-garde man. A bit into history. Incoming search terms:calou clogs for womencape clogsMens wooden sole clogswomens fashion clogsclogs 1970calou shoes from swedencalifornia fashion are clogs popular?buy calou clogs onlinewooden clogs for women1970s fashion ... Read More »

Traditional Clogs in Europe

The origin of wooden footwear in Europe is not precisely known. De Boer-Olij reference to the high, thick-soled boots of the Greek tragedy actors in Antiquity (the buskin) and to the shoes worn by Roman soldiers (the caligae). However, there is a possibility that the Celtic and Germanic peoples from Southern- and Northern Europe were familiar with some sort of ... Read More »

Dansko Jemma Clog

The Dansko Jemma Clog is a range of clogs made by Dansko mainly for children. This is in the same line of childrens clogs such as the Calou Selma Clogs range and also the Birkenstock Childrens clogs. Incoming search terms:dansko jemma clogdansko jemma clog 31dansko white jemma clogs Read More »

Dansko Phoebe Clog

The Dansko Phoebe Clog is a range of clogs made by Dansko. These clogs are mainly for a formal setting and not a garden variety of clogs.  These clogs only come in pull-up leather and box leather and looks very formal for what one would normally expect from a clog. Incoming search terms:dansko phoebe clogs on saleDansko Phoebe Sale Read More »

Dansko Stapled Clogs

The Dansko Stapled Clogs is a range of clogs manufactured by Dansko. It is a wide range of products under the name of Dansko Stapled Clogs and is well known globally. These range of clogs come with the following options oiled leather, box leather, tooled leather, croc print leather and photo real leather. Incoming search terms:2012 dansko stapled clogsdansko stapled ... Read More »

Clogs to Clogs

If you have ever heard the expression clogs to clogs then you will know that it is an old proverb which originated in Lancashire. The same expression as saying shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations. It means that what ever you do once you rise up within three  generations the family would have lost it all again. Incoming ... Read More »