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Cape Clogs Fantasy Clog

The Cape Clogs Fantasy Clog is a walk back into history as it looks very 1970’s and reminds one of the days of the hippies. Cape Clogs is a Swedish company which has made clogs for many generations. There are 17 patterns which you can have on this clog. All of the Fantasy clogs range tends to be with the hippie format and is great to look at.

The Fanatasy clog from Cape Clogs makes use of a genuine leather upper and comes with Alder soles to act as a shock absorber when you walk. These are great clogs and the Fanatasy range is making a comeback as more people are moving to eco-friendly and there is no better way to advertise your views on nature. Playful, fun, comfortable and with loads of patterns it makes for one of the clogs on the European market with the widest choices.


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