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Cape Clog Suede Clogs

The Cape Clog Suede Clogs are from a range of suede clogs made by the Swedish producer, Cape Clogs. The suede clogs comes with an Adler wood foot-base and this looks very stylish. Note the following.

They also come with a braided straps which adds to the stylishness of the clog and is a great clog for winder months.The suede on the clogs are very soft and it is well known is Sweden that the quality is high-end market of the footwear market. These suede clogs are much like the other clogs made in Sweden. The designs all use staples to attach the fabric to the wooden base of the foot-sole.You will note that they have the same type of design as Calou Clogs and is far off from what was done in the clogs made by Berkemann which is a German make. Decide which type of tact’s you want for your clogs and view each of them according to their country of origin. The Berkemann clogs are list on this website as well.


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