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Calou Selma Clogs

The Calou Selma Clogs is made for children and made by Calou in Sweden. With a 4.5 cm heel the clog is high enough to ensure that the posture of the child does not change. The wooden clog is also made from natural wood and is a well known brand name clog in Sweden.

The covering over the clog is braided and with leather uppers. It comes in two colours being Beige and White. The soles are soft as with most European clogs which means you will not hear you child coming from a kilometer away. Even though the material is high end and very comfortable. The looks have been cheapened by what looks like wood staples which keep the fabric in place over the clog. This is the first venture out for Calou into the childrens clog market and not a bad attempt, however they might have considered using a better staple to give the clog a better more high end look. If you are looking for children wooden clogs then look also at Birkenstock Clogs and Berkemann Clogs for more options for your children.


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