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Many have asked me what was the origins of Calou. I have always said that like so many things in our lives, the whole business venture was a combination of many coincidences but a very clear cut idea of what I enjoyed.  Maybe that’s always the best recipe for any business success? For me as an individual and for Calou as a business it all started with jewelry, Italy and a pair of – well clogs.

Many years ago as far back as what I can recall, I was working on an Italian jewelry collection. When at home I always wore a pair of really incredibly and very comfortable shoes:  my pair of trusted clogs.  During that time, clogs were almost impossible to sell anywhere in Sweden, but what about in Italy I thought?

Maybe the Italians would regard clogs as somewhat exotic?  At that time my Italian friend Tina got really enthusiastic about the whole idea of clogs, and together we started designing a pair of clogs with pearls and gems. We thought that might be the correct thing for the Italian market when it came to clogs. The clogs may not have been an overnight success, but Calou had been born, and with it, the idea of an entirely new approach to clogs. Calou is all about shoes that you can feel both happy, beautiful and comfortable in, and the shoes are now displayed in 350 stores in 7 countries. The Italian connection will live on in my heart and in our products – even more so in the future. And that’s a promise. We might even introduce a pair of clogs with a small jewel on soon.



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