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Birkenstock Wool Clog

The Birkenstock Wool Clog is one of those clogs which shows quality and workmanship of one of Germanys largest and oldest footwear manufacturer. The woolen clog from Birkenstock has a molded EVA midsole to ensure that your walk is soft as it absorbs shock as you walk.

The uppers of this clog is made from oiled leather which makes the feel and texture of the straps and uppers a very smooth leather finish. The straps on the wool clog is adjustable and have large buckles which gives this clog character and an expensive feel to it.The main material is wool and oiled leather and comes in a number of colours. This being beige, red, black and brown. The foot sizes are only between 37 and 40. Check other clogs on this website such as leather clogs or wooden clogs from other manufacturers.


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