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Birkenstock Super Clog

The Birkenstock Super Clog is a clog which looks like the old traditional clogs from Holland but covered with flower and pastel prints as its decorative finish. The great feature of these clogs is that it is seamless and thus waterproof.

This clog is mainly used at home but many more trendy companies have included this clog in their corporate footwear because it is waterproof and very comfortable. The insides of the clog can be replaced and is lined with cotton, with a cork and latex finish. The clog has a heavy sole and above all is not flat as the heel is slightly raised to add more comfort to the clog. The clog is made from renewable resources and is very big in Europe under more enviromentally minded people. There are only two options with this clog when it comes to colour. Its is either white or in pastel flower printed colours. There is a foot size from 37 to 44 and as stated widely used in Europe mainly in Germany, Holland and Britain. See the other clogs on this website for more options when it comes to footwear.


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