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Birkenstock Childrens Clogs

The Birkenstock Childrens Clogs is made by the Germany company Birkenstock. The clogs made for children are made with animal faces on the uppers while the materials are made mainly of felt and Birko Flor. The midsole is made of cork cover latex. There are two straps on the clogs to adjust to the childs foot.

The sole is made from EVA and acts as a shock absorber for the child feet. Note also that the clog is lightweight and smart looking and the materials used is great for kids as it is hard-wearing. The clogs come only in one colour being grey which is not bad as the dirt and scuff marks do not show. Some of the other colours which are mixed with the standard colour is Forest, Elk and Blue. If this does not interest you then see the clogs made by Birkemann clogs for children. These clogs are also made with durability in mind. See the rest of the website for all types of adult, children and wooden clogs.


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