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The Birkenstock marque touches its beginnings to a German by the agnomen of Johann Adam Birkenstock. Birkenstock was registered in 1774 as a “topic and cobbler” in local religion archives. In 1897 it was Johann’s grandchild, Konrad Birkenstock, who developed the first contoured innersole to be used by cobblers in the industry of usage hosiery. The twelvemonth 1902 saw another first in shoemaking by Konrad, when he developed the first flexible curve sustenance to be inserted in mill-made horseshoes. In 1964, these cuts-in were developed further into an anklet by Karl Birkenstock, and what would become the Birkenstock espadrille was created.

Since 1967, these horseshoes have been sold in the USA. American Margot Fraser “discovered” Birkenstock sandals while on a vacation in Germany. She gained alleviation from a ft status, and founded a trading company called Birkenstock Footprint Sandals, Inc., in Novato, California, based on her gusto for the sandals. Renamed Birkenstock Distribution USA, Inc., in 2005, it remains the exclusive businessperson and distributer of Birkenstock agnomen-marque merchandises in the United States.

Since the 1980s, Birkenstock hosiery has become popular among medical masters (e.g., dentists, nurses) and others who wash on their foundations. In Germany, the sandals are most frequently used as house skidders, but in the United States they have become a portion of everyday vesture from masters to blue neckband proletarians, yet to the amusement manufacture. Heidi Klum blueprints hosiery for Birkenstock and wears them as good.

When not used as wash hosiery, peoples normally wear Birkenstocks with casual vesture. In the United States, Birkenstocks were first popular among flower children, a grouping traditionally associated with American neoliberalism; in the early 1990s “Birks” enjoyed a rush of quality among degree academy and college-elderly Generation Xers comparable to the juice (2000s) quality of flip-flop. During the 2004 U.S. presidential election, some conservatives derided Howard Dean’s supporter as “Birkenstock liberal”. Birkenstocks still continue to enjoy degree popularity with teenagers and college-aged offsprings adult.

Certain members of the Birkenstock family also market other brands of footwear, under license from the original Birkenstock company, featuring contoured footbeds. These brands include Betula, Tatami, Papillio, Birki’s and Footprints. In 2007, Birkenstock Distribution USA, Inc., was acquired and formed into a new corporation named Birkenstock USA, LP.


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