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Berkemann Suede Clog

The Berkemann Suede Clog is one of those clogs you would want to have at home. It has a very warm feel as the fabric of the suede clog is excellent. If you are considering a clog for home use then the suede is your best option.

The Berkemann quality is well known globally and have been making clogs in Hamburg Germany since the 1800’s. Unlike the leather the feel of the suede is great not only on your feet but also in looks. If you are looking for leather clogs then see the rest of the website. The childrens clogs don’t have a suede option but a leather option. The suede clogs from Berkemann much like the other wooden clogs are made from poplar trees which is commercially grown and renewable unlike many other clog manufacturers. There are three options with these clogs. There is red, blue and brown suede. They come in sizes, 2 and then all sizes between 5 and 13. The heel height is standard like the other clogs at 45mm. See the other options with regards to wooden clogs on this website!



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