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Berkemann Original Sandal

Berkemann is a brand name for one of the best brands of clogs on the market. Berkemann a German company, makes very basic sandals which have been around for a long time. These are of very high quality and is not a clog by definition. This being mainly their starter range and basic in design is very comfortable as the wood has been highly polished and above all the straps on the shoes of made of very soft calf skin.

It comes in both black and white and is one of the most well known sandals in the ‘clog market’ or internationally known shoe brands. The inside of the straps have felt lining and this adds to the quality of the sandals. To Berkemann I am sure they view this sandal as their original wooden sandal.The sandals are known for their comfort but are also known for their old style buckels. It can be worn by both men and women and comes in sizes which range from 1 to 13.

If you are looking for clogs or high quality sandals then look no further than the Berkemann brand of footwear for yourself or your family. Check for pricing on Amazon below as they have a huge range of Berkemann sandal and other footwear in their range.

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