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Berkemann Kids Clogs

The Berkemann Kids Clogs are made from polished poplar wood. The children’s clogs much like the other clogs for adults are made to anatomically correct to ensure comfort to the user. Clogs have been shown to be good for the feet of both children and adults as it reforms the feet correctly by rebuilding the muscles in the feet.

Those who wear quality clogs normally do not get flat feet due to the muscles being rebuilt. The midsole on this clog acts as a shock absorber which is good for the spine especially for growing children. There are 3 versions of the children’s clogs from Berkemann, firstly being pictures of children, the other light blue with houses and the last in the range of clogs is the traffic or cars fabric. The fabric quality of very good, soft and durable. All three of the clogs are made of leather and is environmentally friendly.


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