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Berkemann Clogs with Straps

The Berkemann Clogs with straps has a number of options compared to the other clogs which they offer. The options of these clogs with straps depends on what you like. Firstly there is both a leather and a suede option when it comes to these clogs.

The leather is calf skin in both white and black much like the leather clogs on this website. There is also the suede clog but this is only available in blue. Much like the other clogs the base is standard polished poplar tree wood which is eco friendly and also has a shock absorber as a mid-sole in the clog. This clogs has a strap which comes with a buckle and in the suede version of the shoe it looks stunning. The height of the heel is standard 45mm high and comes in the same sizes as the leather clogs being sizes 5-13 and for some odd reason size 2 but no 3 or 4. Check what other options sare available such as wooden clogs to you for your clogs shopping online!



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