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It was a good start for creative minds, when Heinrich Ad. Berkemann arrived in Hamburg in 1880. Many new occupatio ns were founded here like everyplace in Germany during the Wilhelmine epoch. As a cobbler craftsman, he had learned the skills and secrets of his trade with different masters – and on July 8th, he registered his own concern in the commerce agency of the Hanseatic metropolis. This is how one of the most successful German concern stories started.

His assertion to produce not only beautiful but also comfortable and good-fitting horseshoes rapidly spread. And shortly, inventiveness joined appearance. With the first serially produced orthopaedic innersole, Heinrich Ad. Berkemann caused an esthesis at the Hamburg cobblers’ commerce fair in 1903. His concern was therefore the first provider of supporting curve bridges in the universe. The concern grew quickly. The workshop shortly became a small concern and supplied exhibitions, received prices for various supporting curve span exemplars, and acquired the first customers afield.

From 1911 ahead, Walter Berkemann was trained in his begetter’s concern as the first apprentice. Soon subsequently, his younger Freemason Hans joined the concern after having received a commercial instruction. After the decease of their begetter in 1923, Walter and Hans took over the activity and led the company through the difficult station-war classes and the clip of the Great Depression.

Thanks to the successful amalgam of technical adaptability and commercial skills, the company was back on a good way yet after the extremity of WWII. Berkemann became portion of the German economic miracle of the 1950s! The Original Sandal was the first best marketer in company past and marked the progress into new economic and anklet-making dimensions. With the Original Sandal, gross additions of up to fifty percentage were initially generated. The Berkemann espadrille appeared on innumerable advertising post-horses and in hundreds of ads, and yet on telecasting. Swedish princesses and German Olympians, pop stars and other fames posed with the espadrille.

Including in the birthday twelvemonth 2010, in which Berkemann celebrated the 125th birthday of its footing with a large client act and more than 600 nodes in Hamburg the company was gearing up for the future. For illustration, in the summertime Berkemann invested about EUR 1.3 million in its own foam assembly for PU soles, therefore continuing on its way of consistent insourcing in command to be able to offer “industry from a single beginning”. The eventful twelvemonth closed with the incurring of Solidus, the anklet maker from Tuttling with a long content, which will consolidate Berkemann’s marketplace place strategically and operationally in the vehicle referent. Both companies will remain at their placements with their respective brands and are counting on future synergism consequences, for illustration in the country of sole industry and the combined redemption of basic materials, and are focusing on recognising and implementing procedures that seem advisable for both brands.



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