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Are Sanita clogs as heavy as Dansko

I note that this question was listed and I never thought of going down this road as to the weight of clogs in general. I have taken a look at Amazon for the shipping weight of the clogs and this is what I have noticed about the weight of the different makes of clogs. This is not very accurate as it includes the box but gives you a general idea of the clogs weight when you compare them.


Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog : 2 Pounds

Sanita Women’s Professional Cabrio Clog: 3 Pounds

Sanita Women’s Professional San Flex Closed Back: 3 Pounds

Dansko Women’s Professional Pro Cabrio Leather Clog: 2.4 Pounds


So yes based on what I have noticed about the clog brands the Sanita clogs tend to be heavier than the Dansko clogs overall. When clogs had originally been made in Eurpoe it was made of wood. As clogs have moved to America the material changed. The modern clogs today dont look much like the older European clogs. Weight has become an issue today with clogs. Most clogs today are made of leather which are tougher than the softer materials.

How to break in clogs

There are a number of ways to break in clogs. One technique is to fill a bag with water and place it in your clogs. Then place the clogs into your freezer overnight. By the following morning the water would have frozen and expanded the clogs and stretching the leather. Take out of the ice bag and start wearing the clogs as it will now form around the shape of your foot.

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