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Alpro C 120 AIR Clog Review

The Alpro C120 Air clogs is not very popular as say the Alpro G 500 clog however most who do buy the white clogs tend to be in the medical or chemical industry. The Alpro C120 is an open sandal type clog. There is no back and the front is vented by holes. The clogs are also made in Germany and the same high standards have been maintained in these clogs.

Alpro C 120 AIR Clog ReviewMuch like their other designs this clog comes with a raised toe bar to ensure proper circulation and comfort while wearing these clogs. The insides of the clog is also lined with cork which allows the clog to fint your foot correctly as it takes the shape of your feet. Alpro has stated that the it is natural cork as more footwear manufactures move towards more eco friendly designs and end products. The Air C120 clogs are flexible and lightweight however with good workmanship does come a price tag. Prices vary as they range between $30 – $90 a pair. Amazon is the most expensive of them all while 6pm is the cheapest distributor of these clogs. You need to shop around online for a proper bargain.

The C120 Air clogs from Alpro comes with EVA outer soles which aid shock resistance and durability. It also makes the clogs very comfortable while wearing them for hours. The front upper part of the clog is ventilated and the molding of the outer-sole has been very well done. See this blog for other options with regards to open clogs.

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