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Alegria Kayla Pro Cutie Pie Womens clog

The Alegria Kayla Pro Cutie Pie clogs for women is a bit more expensive than the Aetrex range of Clogs for Women but only by a bit. The Alegria Kayla Pro Cutie Pie price range is in the $122 per pair online however its design and prints are much more colorful.

womens-alegria-kayla-pro-cutie-pie-443974_450_45 This clog has been made with stain-resistant and premium leather. The clogs come in a number of colours and finishes. The shoe has a very roomy toe box as well as protective padding inside for better comfort. The insides of this mule is replaceable and removable. The foot-bed on the shoe is a mixture of cork, memory foam as well as latex. The sole is made of polyurethane like most shoes and offers good shock absorbing abilities.

The Alegria Kayla is very durable and many have used them for more than 3 years. Over the years a number of hairstylists have used these clogs as part of their image and being very comfortable many have used them for 8-10 hours a day without feeling tired. Many do not wear these with socks as the womens-alegria-kayla-pro-cutie-pie-443974_450_tpinsides can be removed and cleaned. This is great if you live in a high humidity area such as Florida.

These shoes come highly recommended by users and 87% would recommend to a friend. Note however that the Alegria Kayla runs slightly small and/or that the small collar on the heel might bother you. A user with a true 7 and 1/2, but can wear 7s and 8s so a size 38 (8 US) even though it’s the slightest bit too big (not in an uncomfortable way though) is perfect.

You can search this website for more shoes in the Alegria range of footwear. Their reputation is excellent and the quality of their workmanship is also very good. Overall the Kayla will make an excellent first clog also for a teenager as they tend to love the colours as well as the design of the shoe.



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