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Aetrex Clogs for Women

If you are considering stylish clogs then consider the Aetrex range of clogs for women. The range comes to 3 different fashion forms which has been described below. Note that these clogs do range in price with the different styles but not colours.

Firstly these clogs are stretchable. There is the Aetrex Berries Cocoberry stretch clog and also the Aetrex Berries Cranberry stretch clogs. Their basic design is the same however the Cocoberry has a higher toe  and curls up a bit more than the Cranberry style. These clogs gently conforms your foot all without any pressure or discomfort as has been the reviews on this range of clogs. The casual slip-on blends spandex output_9M8hgowith memory foam and four-way stretch fabric. The stitching is well done and has been completed with a very stylish leather. These clogs also come with a polyurethane sole which enhances both traction and durability of the shoes.

All the users tend to love these shoes as they look good and are noted for being very comfortable. They also offer a decent amount of support even for custom orthotics. Also noted about this range is that it will allow for a hammer toe as its toe box is stretchy and has a high toe box. If you are on your feet the whole day then you will loves these however it does make a squeaky noise when walking on hard floors. This is mainly because the sole is made of polyurethane which is normal.

The last show in the range is the Aetrex Berries Blackberry stretch clog. These are also great for use indoors and many nurses do use them at home. The are also as comfortable as the other two in the range. On recent ratings 86% would recommend these clogs to a friend. This shoe ranges in the $112 per pair.


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